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Hand Signs needed to perform jutsus

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1Normal Hand Signs needed to perform jutsus on Mon May 12, 2008 6:23 pm

When I searched for this topic over Internet,I got these result from Source 1

Fire Element; Fire Dragon Missile:
Tiger (Comes after Earth Element; Earth Dragon Missile)
Fire Element; Balsam Spread Fire: Rat, Tiger, Dog, Ox, Rabbit, Tiger
Fire Element; Fire Dragon Flame Missile: Rat, Horse, Dragon, Ox, Tiger
Fire Element; Grand Fireball Jutsu: Snake, Tiger, Monkey, Boar, Horse, Tiger
Fire Element; Dragon Fire Technique: Serpent, Dragon, Rabbit, Tiger

Ice Jutsus

Element; Piercing Dragon Fierce Tiger:
Tiger, Semi Tiger (first and
third finger up and second and forth finger down), Boar, Dog
Ice Element; Double Black Dragon Blizzard: Serpent, Rat, Dragon, Monkey, Tiger, Dog
Ice Element; One Horned Whale: Tiger, Bird, Horse, Boar, Dog
Ice Element; Rouge Nature Jutsu: Snake, Rabbit, Dog
Ice Element; Black Dragon Blizzard: (clap hands together), Bird, Snake, Monkey, Tiger, Dog

Earth Jutsus

Earth Element; Earth Dragon Missile: Sheep, Horse, Dragon
Earth Element; Earth Landslide: Tiger
Element; Earth Wall:
You put your left hand into tiger then your right
hand into an ox and put the ox on top of the tiger and thatís the seal.

Water Jutsus

Water Element; Water Dragon Bullet: Ox, Tiger, Ox, Tiger
Water Element; Water Wall: Tiger, Serpent, Tiger
Element; Water Prison Jutsu:
Sheep, Serpent, Tiger, Rabbit, Serpent,
Dragon, Rabbit, Bird (Must stick hand in, in order to keep jutsu
Water Element; Water Vortex Jutsu: Tiger, Ox, Monkey,
Rabbit, Sheep, Boar, Ox, Horse, Monkey, Tiger, Dog, Tiger, Serpent,
Tiger, Ox, Monkey, Rabbit, Bird
Water Element; Water Dragon Jutsu:
Ox, Monkey, Rabbit, Rat, Boar, Bird, Ox, Horse, Bird, Tiger, Dog,
Tiger, Snake, Ox, Sheep, Snake, Pig, Sheep, Ox, Monkey, Bird, Dragon,
Ox, Horse, Sheep, Tiger, Snake, Rat, Ox, Monkey, Bird, Rat, Boar,
Monkey, Dragon, Bird, Ox, Horse, Sheep, Tiger, Snake, Rat, Monkey,
Rabbit, Boar, Dragon, Ox, Rat, Ox, Monkey, Bird, Rat, Boar, Bird

Other Jutsus

Summoning Jutsu: Dog, Boar, Monkey, Bird, Sheep
Dispell: Horse Tiger
Tile Shuriken: Tiger, Dragon, Rat, Tiger
Hidden Snake Hand: Snake Tiger
Summon Reincarnation to the Impure World: Tiger, Dog, Dragon, (clap hands together)
Summon Dog Pack: Boar, Dog, Tiger, Monkey, Sheep
Demonic Illusion; Hell Decent Jutsu: Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, Sheep
Ox, (Fingers Spread In Front of You), Rabbit, (Fingers Spread In Font
of You), monkey, (Right Hand up and palm open, left hand on top of

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2Normal Re: Hand Signs needed to perform jutsus on Mon May 12, 2008 6:24 pm

I think sheep=Ram in the above post

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3Normal Re: Hand Signs needed to perform jutsus on Mon May 12, 2008 6:28 pm

Information From Source 2

The Things in the Brackets r the place/Time where/when they were used.

Akatsuki no Atsumeru - Assembly of Dawn

"Reverse Ram". (Assemble, Cancel)

Baika no Jutsu - Multiple Size Technique

"Special Bird". (Manga)
"Upward Arrow". (Against Zaku, Dosu) (Anime)
Tiger. (Inside Kekkai Doroutoumu, Filler Against Jiroubou) (Anime)
Rat, Ox, Tiger. (Nikudan Hari Sensha Against Jiroubou) (Anime)
"Closed Special Bird". (Flashback) (Anime)

Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone Technique

Tiger. (Manga)
"Reverse Ram". (Naruto's Failure, Anime)
Ram, Serpent, Tiger (Databook)
Tiger, Boar, Ox, Dog. (Sakura) (Anime)

Byakugan - White Eyes

"Right Index Serpent". (Short Version)
Rat, Dog, "Palm Parallel", Rat, "Right Index Serpent". (Long Version) (Neji)
Horse, "Sha", "Special Boar", Hare, Rat, Dog, Horse, Dog, Hare, "Sha",
Rat, "Special Boar", Dog, "Right Index Serpent". (Long Version) (Hinata)
Tiger. (Finding Sound Four, Outside Akatsuki Lair Second Time)
"Reverse Ram". (Outside Akatsuki Lair First Time)
"Sha" (Filler Attempt)

(C) C3 no Bakuhatsu - Explosion of C3

"Half Ram".

(C) Chakra Kyuuin Jutsu - Chakra Absorption Technique


(C) Chakra Mesu - Chakra Scalpel

"Sha", Horse, Hare, Rat, *Invisible*, Dog.

Chidori - Thousand Birds

Hare, "Reverse Arm Grab". (First Use vs Gaara)
Monkey, "Reverse Arm Grab". (Second Use vs Gaara) (Manga)
Monkey, Dragon, Rat, Bird, Ox, Dog, Tiger, Monkey, "Reverse Arm Grab". (Second Use vs Gaara) (Anime)
"Reverse Arm Grab". (Third Use vs Gaara, Filler vs Aoi, First Use vs Naruto)
Ox, Hare, "Yiang", "Arm Grab". (Filler Training)
Ox, Hare, Monkey, "Reverse Arm Grab". (Second Use vs Naruto)
"Arm Grab". (First Use In Kakashi Gaiden)
"Sha". (Second Use In Kakashi Gaiden)
Ox, Hare, Monkey, "Arm Grab". (Third Use In Kakashi Gaiden)

(C) Chikatsu Saisei no Jutsu - Heal Living Regeneration Technique

"Hand Clap".

(C) Chiyute no Jutsu - Healing Hands Technique

"Hand Clap". (Filler Buffering)

Chou Baika no Jutsu - Mega Multiple Size Technique

"Special Bird". (Manga)
"Closed Special Bird". (Anime)

Daisan no Me - The Third Eye

"Forehead Point".

Daisho: Kaimon: Kai - First: Initial Gate: Release

"Half Ram".

Doton: Retsudo Tenshou - Earth Release: Splitting Earth Force

"Half Ram Palm", "One Handed Push".

Doton: Doryuudan - Earth Release: Earth Dragon Blast (Filler)

Ram, Bird, Dragon.

Doton: Doryuu Gaeshi - Earth Release: Upside-Down Mud Wall

"Push Down".

Doton: Doryuuheki - Earth Release: Mudslide Barrier

"Special Ram".

Doton: Doryuu Taiga - Earth Release: Moving Land River (Filler)


Doton: Kekkai Doroutoumu - Earth Release: Destruction Mud Prison

"Push Down". (Manga), (First Time) (Anime)
Serpent, "One Handed Push". (Second Time) (Anime)

Doton: Yomi Numa - Earth Release: Underworld Swamp

Tiger. (Manga)
"Cupped Hands", "Sha". (Anime)

Fuubaku Houjin - Bomb Sealing Square Formation (Filler)

Monkey, Horse, Dog, Ram.

Fuuinjutsu: Fuuja Houin - Sealing Technique: Evil Sealing Method

"Hand Clap" (Manga)
"Hand Clap", Tiger, Hare, Serpent, Horse, Ram, Bird, Tiger, Hare,
Serpent, Horse, Ram, Bird, Tiger, Monkey, Serpent, Horse, Ram, Bird,
Dog, Rat. (Anime)

Fuuinjutsu: Fuuka Houin - Sealing Technique: Fire Sealing Method

Rat, Bird, "Finger Spread", Bird, "Sha".

Fuuinjutsu: Genryuukyuu Fuujin - Sealing Technique: Serving Nine Phantom Dragon Seal

"Reverse Ram". (Normal)
"Half Ram". (Deidara)

Fuuinjutsu: Shiki Fuujin - Sealing Technique: Serving Demon Corpse Seal

Serpent, Boar, Ram, Hare, Dog, Rat, Bird, Horse, Serpent, "Hand Clap".

Fuukoku Houin - Dark Seal

"Hand Clap".

Fuuma Ninpou: Jibaku Mandara - Fuuma Ninja Art: Visual Schema of the Enlightened Mind (Filler)

"Spread Zero", *Invisible*, Dog, Monkey, Ram, Boar, Rat, Boar, Ram, *Invisible*, "Hand Clap", "Spread Zero". (Seals)
"Constricting Zero". (Constricting)

Genjutsu: Kokuangyo no Jutsu - Illusionary Technique: Bringer of Darkness Technique


Gijuu Ninpou: Juujin Bunshin - Beast Effect Ninja Art: Beast Human Clone


Gijuu Ninpou: Shikyaku no Jutsu - Beast Effect Ninja Art: Four Legs Technique

Tiger. (Normal Version)
"False Tiger". (Animation Error)

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4Normal Cintinuation of info from Souce 2 on Mon May 12, 2008 6:30 pm

Gijuu Ninpou: Juujin Bunshin - Beast Effect Ninja Art: Beast Human Clone


Gijuu Ninpou: Shikyaku no Jutsu - Beast Effect Ninja Art: Four Legs Technique

Tiger. (Normal Version)
"False Tiger". (Animation Error)

Gogyoufuuin - Five Element Seal

"Bird-Ram Hybrid", "Hand Claw".

Gogyoukaiin - Five Element Unseal

"Hand Claw".

(C) Gokusa Maisou - Sand Prison Burial

"Reverse Ram".

(C) Habataku Chidori - Thousand Birds Flapping

Tiger, Monkey, "Reverse Arm Grab". (Manga)
Ox, Hare, Monkey, "Reverse Arm Grab". (Anime)

Hachi Senbon no Jutsu - Thousand Bee Stings Technique (Filler)

Tiger, Rat, Ox, Dog, Horse, Bird, Tiger.

Harem no Jutsu - Harem Technique

"Middle Index Cross", "Lengthened Cross". (Manga)
"Middle Index Cross", "Reverse Ram". (Anime)
"Middle Index Cross". (All Around Filler)

Henge no Jutsu - Transformation Technique

"Reverse Ram" or Tiger. (Standard Version)
"Half Ram". (Release)
Dog, Boar, "Reverse Ram". (Lee) (Anime)

Hijutsu: Makyou Hyoushou - Secret Technique: Demonic Ice Mirrors


Hijutsu: Sensatsu Suishou - Secret Technique: Flying Water Needles

"Reverse Half Ram", *Invisible*, "Reverse Half Ram".

Hiru Masshou: Bouka no Jutsu - Erasing Day: Attack Prevention Technique (Filler)


Hokage-shiki Jijunjutsu: Kakuan Nitten Suishu - Hokage Style Sixty Year Old Technique: Sanctuary Enclosing Hands

Horse, Tiger, "Hare Transition", Dog, "Recoil Palm".

Houin Fuukoku - Dark Sealing Method

"Hand Clap".

Hyourou no Jutsu - Ice Prison Technique (Movie)

"Ground Tap".

Hyouton: Haryuu Mouko - Ice Release: Piercing Dragon Fierce Tiger (Movie)

Tiger, "Kyo". (Naruto The Movie Manga)
Tiger, "Kyo", Boar, Dog. (Naruto The Movie)

Hyouton: Ikkaku Hakugei - Ice Release: One Horned White Whale (Movie)

Ram. (Naruto The Movie Manga)
Ram, Bird, Monkey, Horse, Serpent, Dog. (Naruto The Movie)

Hyouton: Kokuryuu Boufuusetsu - Ice Release: Black Dragon Snowstorm (Movie)

Serpent. (Naruto The Movie Manga)
"Hand Clap", Serpent, Monkey, Horse, Dog. (Naruto The Movie)

Hyouton: Rouga Nadare no Jutsu - Ice Release: Wolf Fang Avalanche Technique (Movie)

Dog. (Naruto The Movie Manga)
Rat, Hare, Dog. (Naruto The Movie)

Hyouton: Souryuu Boufuusetsu - Ice Release: Twin Dragon Snowstorm (Movie)

Serpent. (Naruto The Movie Manga)
Serpent, Rat, Dragon, Monkey, Tiger, Dog. (Naruto The Movie)

* Hyuuga Bunke Juin: Kassei - Hyuuga Branch House Curse Seal: Activate

"Reverse Half Ram".

Inuzuka-ryuu Jinjuu Konbi Henge: Soutourou - Inuzuka Style Human Beast Combination Transformation: Double Headed Wolf


* Jibaku Fuda: Kassei - Exploding Tag: Activate

"Half Ram". (Sarutobi)
"Reverse Ram". (Kakashi Filler)

* Juinjutsu - Curse Seal Technique


* Juin Setsumeisho Fuku - Curse Seal Instructions Restoration (Filler)


Kai - Release

"Full Hand X". (Shintenshin Release)
Tiger. (Genjutsu Release)
"Reverse Half Ram". (Mouhogosha Release)
"Half Ram". (Kakashi Releasing Rin)
"Hand Clap". (Naruto Partial Release)
"Sha". (Iruka Filler Release)

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - Shadow Clone Technique

"Middle Index Cross". (Standard Version)
"Middle Index Touch". (Animation Error)
Rat, "Palm Touch", Tiger, Hare, Dragon, Serpent, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Bird, Dog, Boar, "Middle Index Touch". (vs Haku) (Anime)
Tiger. (vs Kiba) (Manga)
"Reverse Ram". (vs Kiba) (Anime), (Stone Nin)
Tiger, Horse. (vs Kabuto) (Manga)

Kagemane no Jutsu - Shadow Copy Technique


Kagerou Ninpou: Utakata - Kagerou Ninja Art: Ephemeral Vengeance (Filler)

Serpent, Bird, "Reverse Yiang", Ox.

Kageshibari no Jutsu - Shadow Bind Technique


(C) Kasumi Juusha no Jutsu - Mist Servant Technique

"Palm Parallel".

Katon: Gamayu Endan - Fire Release: Toad Oil Fireball

Serpent, Ram, Monkey, Boar, Horse, Tiger.

Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu - Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique

Horse, Tiger. (Short Version)
Tiger, Monkey, Boar, Horse, Tiger. (Manga) (Normal Version)
Serpent, Ram, Monkey, Boar, Horse, Tiger. (Character Book), (Anime) (First Time vs Naruto)
Serpent, Tiger, Boar, Horse, Tiger. (Anime) (vs Giant Snake)
Tiger. (Naruto The Movie Manga) (Second Time)
Serpent, Ram, "Yiang", Boar, Horse, Ram, "Sha". (Anime) (Second Time vs Naruto)
Serpent, Ram, Monkey, Boar, Horse, Tiger, "Sha". (Anime) (Flashback First Time)
"Sha". (Anime) (Flashback Second Time)
Serpent. (Anime) (Flashback Third Time)
Serpent, Ram, Monkey, Boar, Horse, "Sha". (Anime) (Flashback Fourth/Fifth Time)
Serpent, Ram, *Invisible*, "Sha". (Anime) (Flashback Sixth Time)
Serpent, Ram, Monkey, Boar, Horse, Tiger. (Naruto The Movie) (First Time)
Boar, Horse, Tiger. (Naruto The Movie) (Second Time)
Serpent, Rat, Dragon, Tiger. (Anime) (Third Time vs Naruto)
Ram, Boar, Horse, Tiger. (Anime) (Fourth Time vs Naruto)
"Awkward Tiger". (Manga) (Itachi Version)

Katon: Housenka no Jutsu - Fire Release: Mythical Fire Flower Technique

Tiger. (Manga)
Rat, Tiger, Dog, Ox, Hare, Tiger. (Character Book)
Rat, "Sha", Dog, Ox, Hare, "Sha". (Anime)

Katon: Karyuu Endan - Fire Release: Fire Dragon Blast

"Sha". (Manga)
Serpent, Horse, Dragon, Rat, Ox, Tiger. (Anime)

Katon: Kasumi Enbu no Jutsu - Fire Release: Mist Dance Technique (Filler)

Serpent, Ram, Monkey, Tiger.

Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu - Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique

Tiger. (Manga)
Serpent, Dragon, Hare, Tiger. (Anime)

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5Normal Continue of above post on Mon May 12, 2008 6:31 pm

Kawarimi no Jutsu - Body Switch Technique

Ram. (Manga)
Ram, Boar, Ox, Dog, Serpent. (Anime)

* Ketsu Chirashi no Jutsu - Blood Scattering Technique

"Sha". (Manga)
Ox, "Slanted Dog", Hare, Serpent. (Anime)

(C) Kibaku Nendo - Exploding Clay

Ram. (Spider, Bird)
"Half Ram". (Point Blank)

Kinton: Tatsukete no Jutsu - Money Release: Help Me Technique (Filler)

"Victory Grasp", "Pinch Grasp", "Thumb Grasp".

(C) Kikaichuu no Jutsu - Destruction Bug Technique


(C) Kiri Shunshin no Jutsu - Mist Instant Body Technique

"Half Ram".

* Kore de Saigo da - This Will Be Your Last Moment (Filler)

"Dog-Hare Hybrid", Bird, Rat, Ram.

Konbi Henge no Jutsu - Combination Transformation Technique


Konohagakure Hiden Taijutsu Ougi: Sennen Goroshi - Hidden Leaf Secret Body Technique: Thousand Year Murder


Konoha-ryuu: Mizuki no Mai - Leaf Style: Dance of the Cresent Moon

"Half Ram".

(C) Konoha Shunshin no Jutsu - Leaf Instant Body Technique

"Half Ram".

Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei - Summoning Technique: Impure World Resurrection

Tiger, Serpent, Dog, Dragon, "Hand Clap".

Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Summoning Technique

Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, Ram. (Normal Version)
"Sha". (Group Version)
"Left Index Grasp". (Enma Flashback)
Serpent. (Shrine Summon)
Tiger. (Filler Pakkun Summon)

(C) Kumogata Nendo - Spider Molded Clay


Kugutsu no Jutsu - Puppet Technique

"Hand Clap". (Against Shino)
Tiger. (Against Sasori)

* Kyonshi Idou: Hajime - Reanimated Corpse Movement: Begin

"Hand Clap".

* Kyuubi no Chakra - Chakra of the Nine-Tails

"Sha", Tiger. (vs Neji) (Manga)
"Hand Clap". (vs Gaara)

Tiger. (vs Itachi and Kisame) (Manga)
"Reverse Ram". (vs Neji, vs Itachi and Kisame) (Anime)

Magen: Jigoku Kouka no Jutsu - Demonic Illusion: Hell Descent Technique (Filler)

Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, Ram.

(C) Magen: Jubakusatsu - Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death

*Invisible*. (Manga)
Dog, Serpent, Bird, Tiger. (Anime)

(C) Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu - Demonic Illusion: Vision of Hell Technique


* Magen: Itaiomoide - Demonic Illusion: Painful Memories

"Reverse Ram".

Mangekyou Sharingan - Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye


Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu - Water Clone Technique

"Reverse Ram". (Kakashi)
"Reverse Half Ram". (Zabuza)
"Palm Parallel". (Filler)
Tiger. (Kisame)

Moku Bunshin no Jutsu - Wood Clone Technique


* Moku Bunshin no Jutsu: Moku Wataru - Wood Clone Technique: Wood Extend


Mokuton: Hijutsu: Jukai Koutan - Wood Release: Secret Technique: Forest Genesis

"Right Index Serpent", Serpent. (Manga)
"Sha", Serpent. (Anime)
Serpent. (Forest Growth)

* Mokuton: Mokuhibaku - Wood Release: Wood Bark Restraint


Mokuton: Mokujouheki - Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall


Mokuton no Jutsu - Wood Release Technique


Mokuton: Shichuuka no Jutsu - Wood Release: Four Pillar House Technique


Mokuton: Shichuurou no Jutsu - Wood Release: Four Pillar Prison Technique


Mushikame no Jutsu - Bug Jar Technique (Filler)

"Hand Clap", Boar, Monkey, Dragon, Ram, Dog, "Force".

Mushiyose no Jutsu - Bug Summoning Technique (Filler)

"Reverse Ram", "Sha".

(C) Nehan Shouja no Jutsu - Nirvana Temple Technique

"Sha". (Manga)
Tiger. (Anime)

Ninpou: Choujuu Giga - Ninja Art: Super Beast Fake

"Half Ram".

Ninpou: Gamaguchi Shibari - Ninja Art: Toad Mouth Bind

Serpent, Dragon, Boar, Rat, Dragon, "Clap Boar", Boar, Dragon, Tiger.

Ninpou: Hari Jizo - Ninja Art: Needle Guardian

Tiger, Horse, Boar, Ram, Serpent.

Ninpou: Hi no Hagane - Ninja Art: Wings of the Sun (Filler)

Serpent, "Reverse Hand Clap", "Hand Clap".

Ninpou: Kage Kubishibari no Jutsu - Ninja Art: Shadow Neckbind Technique

Rat, "Half Ram". (Shikaku)
Rat, Dragon. (Shikamaru) (Manga)
Dragon, Tiger, Rat. (Shikamaru) (Anime vs Tayuya)
Rat, Dragon, Rat. (Shikamaru) (Filler vs Fuujin and Raijin)

Ninpou: Kagenui - Ninja Art: Shadow Sewing

Rat, Bird.

Ninpou: Kane Bunshin no Jutsu - Ninja Art: Money Clone Technique (Filler)

"Middle Index Money".

Ninpou: Kawara Shuriken - Ninja Art: Roof Tile Shuriken (Filler)

Tiger, Dragon, Rat, Tiger.

Ninpou: Kirigakure no Jutsu - Ninja Art: Hidden Mist Technique

"Mist Stance". (First Time)
"Reverse Half Ram". (Second Time)
"Half Ram". (Maintain)

Ninpou: Kiteinu Shower - Ninja Art: Non-Slicing Shower (Filler)

"Half Ram".

Ninpou Kuchiyose: Doton: Tsuiga no Jutsu - Ninja Art Summoning: Earth Release: Earth Tracking Fang Technique

Tiger, Serpent, Dragon, Dog.

Ninpou: Kumoshibari - Ninja Art: Spider Bind


Ninpou: Meisaigakure no Jutsu - Ninja Art: Hidden Camouflage Technique

"Half Ram".

Ninpou: Migawari no Jutsu - Ninja Art: Substitute Technique (Filler)


Ninpou: Shintenshin no Jutsu - Ninja Art: Mind-Body Switch Technique

"Spread Bird". (Manga)
"Picture Diamond". (Anime)

Ninpou: Shinranshin no Jutsu - Ninja Art: Mind-Body Confusion Technique

"Picture Rectangle". (Inoichi)
"Picture Diamond", "Picture Rectangle". (Ino) (Filler)

Ninpou: Souzou Saisei - Ninja Art: Genesis Rebirth


Ninpou: Yoraishin - Ninja Art: Night God Lightning (Filler)

"Reverse Ram". (Restrain)
Dragon. (Attack)

Oboro Bunshin no Jutsu - Haze Clone Technique

"Support Ram", Tiger.

Oiroke no Jutsu - Sex Appeal Technique

"Reverse Ram". (Standard Version)
"Half Ram". (For Jiraiya)
Horse, Dog, Boar, "Reverse Ram", Hare, "Reverse Ram". (Filler)
"Middle Index Cross". (Steamy Harem Version Filler)

Raikiri - Lightning Edge

Ox, Hare, "Yiang", "Arm Grab". (vs Zabuza)
"Reverse Arm Grab". (vs Orochimaru)
Hare, "Yiang". (Naruto The Movie Manga)
Ox, Hare, "Yiang", "Reverse Arm Grab". (Naruto The Movie)

Ryuusa Bakuryuu - Quicksand Avalanche

"Hand Clap". (Manga)
"Hand Clap", Boar, Monkey, Ram, Bird, *Invisible*, "Hand Clap". (Anime)

Sabaku Kyuu - Desert Coffin

Bird, "Claw Thrust". (First Use)
"Claw Point". (Later Uses)

Sabaku Sousou - Desert Funeral

"Claw Squeeze".

Sabaku Taisou - Desert Imperial Funeral

"Push Down".

* Saishuu Chakra - Collecting Chakra

Tiger. (Manga) (Standard Version)
"Half Ram". (Manga) (Avoiding Sensatsu Suishou)
"Reverse Ram". (Manga) (Alternate Version), (Anime)
"Cross Ram". (Manga) (Walking Water)

Senei Jashuu - Shadow Snake Hands

Tiger, Rat, Serpent, Rat, Tiger.

Shikokumujin - Four Man Dark Mist Bond

"Hand Clap", "Push Down". (Kidoumaru, Tayuya)
Tiger, "Push Down". (Jiroubou, Sakon)

Shirohigi: Jikki Chikamatsu no Shuu - White Secret Technique: Ten Puppet Group of Chikamatsu

"Half Ram".

Shishienjin - Four Man Purple Flame Wall


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6Normal Continue of above post on Mon May 12, 2008 6:33 pm

(C) Shousen Jutsu - Mystical Hands Technique

"Half Bird Palm", Tiger.

Shouten no Jutsu - Form Transfer Technique

"Reverse Ram".

(C) Shukaku Kakusei - Shukaku Awakening

Ninth, Monkey, Bird, Dragon, Rat, Monkey, Ninth, Rat, Rabbit, Tiger, Bird, Ninth. (Manga)
Serpent, Monkey, Rat, Monkey, Serpent, Monkey, Bird, Boar, Dragon, Rat, Monkey. (Anime) (Stage 1)
Tiger, Monkey, Rat, Dragon, Bird, Horse, Dog, Rat, Serpent, Dog, Dog,
Horse, Ox, Tiger, Hare, Bird, Dragon, Serpent, Boar, Dog, Rat, Tiger,
Ox, Dragon, Ox, Dragon, Serpent, Ox, Horse, Ox, Ram, Dragon, Tiger,
Horse, Horse, Bird, Tiger, Monkey, Ram, Rat, Horse. (Anime) (Stage 2)

* Shunkan Sabaku Sousou - Instant Desert Funeral (Filler)

"Quick Clench".

Shunshin no Jutsu - Instant Body Technique

"Half Ram". (Standard Version)
Dog, Ox, Bird, Horse. (Kabuto Version) (Anime)
"Reverse Half Ram". (Kakashi After Time Skip)

Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique

Ox, Dog, Dragon, Rat, Dog, Boar, Serpent, Tiger. (Manga)
Ram, Rat, Bird, Boar, Tiger. (Anime)

Souja Sousai no Jutsu - Double Snake Assassination Technique

"Twin Right Index Serpent", "Twin Special Seal".

* Sousei Sabaku Kyuu - Twin Desert Coffin

"Twin Claw Thrust".

* Sousei Sabaku Sousou - Twin Desert Funeral

"Twin Claw Squeeze".

Soushouryuu - Rising Twin Dragons (Filler)

Tiger, Dragon, Monkey, Hare, Serpent, "Arm X". (Anime)

Suirou no Jutsu - Water Prison Technique

Tiger, Serpent, Palm. (Zabuza) (Manga)
Serpent, Ram, Horse, Hare, Ram, Horse, Hare, Palm. (Zabuza) (Anime)
"Hand Clap". (Kisame)

Suiton: Bakusui Shouha - Water Release: Exploding Water Shockwave

"Hand Clap".

Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu - Water Release: Grand Waterfall Technique

"Mist Stance", "Zero", "Sha", *Invisible*, "Interlock". (Manga)
"Mist Stance", "Zero", "Sha", Ox, Monkey, Hare, Rat, Boar, Bird, Ox,
Horse, Dog, Tiger, Dog, Tiger, Serpent, Tiger, Ox, Monkey, Hare,
*Invisible*. (Anime)

Suiton: Daibakure no Jutsu - Water Release: Grand Explosion Technique (Filler)

*Invisible*, "Reverse Ram".

Suiton: Goshokuzame - Water Release: Five Feeding Sharks

"Hand Clap", "Push Down".

Suiton: Kokuyou no Jutsu - Water Release: Black Rain Technique (Filler)

"Tiger Overlap", Serpent, Tiger.

Suiton: Suijinheki - Water Release: Water Barrier

"Right Index Serpent". (Manga)
"Support Thumbs Up", "Full Hand X", "Parallel Line Hands". (Anime) (Nidaime)
"Zero", "Sha", "Undefined", Serpent, Tiger, "Undefined", "Sha". (Anime) (Kakashi)

Suiton: Suikoudan no Jutsu - Water Release: Water Shark Blast Technique

Tiger, Dog, Bird, Rat, "Middle-Index Cross", Tiger.

Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu - Water Release: Water Dragon Blast Technique

Palm, Rat, Hare, Tiger, Bird, Palm, Serpent, Dog, Horse, Rat, Ox,
Rat, Ox, Boar, Serpent, Ox, Monkey, Boar, Tiger, Bird, Boar, Monkey,
Boar, Monkey, Dragon, Rat, Horse, Bird, Ram, Serpent, Rat, Bird, Hare,
Bird, Ram, Monkey, Ram, Dragon, Rat, Ox, Tiger, Ox, Ram, Bird. (Manga)
Ox, Monkey, Hare, Rat, Boar, Bird, Ox, Horse, Bird, Rat, Tiger, Dog,
Tiger, Serpent, Ox, Ram, Serpent, Boar, Ram, Rat, Ninth, Monkey, Bird,
Dragon, Bird, Ox, Horse, Ram, Tiger, Serpent, Rat, Monkey, Hare, Boar,
Dragon, Ram, Rat, Ox, Monkey, Bird, Ninth, Rat, Ram, Bird. (Anime)
Bird. (Short Version)
Boar. (Naruto Movie)

Suiton: Suishouha - Water Release: Water Shockwave (Filler)

"Twin Palm Press", "Hand Clap".

Suiton: Teppodama - Water Release: Cannonball


* Suiton: Uzumaki Nige - Water Release: Whirlpool Escape (Filler)

"Half Ram".

* Suiton: Uzumaki Otoshi - Water Release: Whirlpool Trap (Filler)

Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, Ram, "One Handed Push".

* Sumi Shunshin no Jutsu - Ink Instant Body Technique

"Half Ram".

* Suna Fuiuchi - Sand Surprise Attack


* Suna no Heki - Barrier of Sand

"Hand Push".

(C) Suna no Kara - Shell of Sand


* Sunashibari no Jutsu - Sand Bind Technique

"Reverse Ram".

(C) Suna Shunshin no Jutsu - Sand Instant Body Technique

"Half Ram".

Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - Multiple Shadow Clone Technique

"Middle Index Cross".

Tanuki Neiri no Jutsu - Fake Sleep Technique

"Reverse Ram".

Taren Ken - Multiple Group Punch


(C) Torigata Nendo - Bird Molded Clay


* Torigata Nendo Baika - Bird Molded Clay Multiple Size

Ram. (First Time)
"Half Ram". (Second Time)

Tsuuga - Piercing Fang

"Hand Clap". (Inside Kekkai Doroutoumu, Filler Use)
Serpent, "Sha". (Filler Attempt)

Utsusemi no Jutsu - Projection Technique (Filler)


* Wakasa Fuku Fuda: Kassei - Youth Restoration Tag: Activate


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7Normal Re: Hand Signs needed to perform jutsus on Mon May 12, 2008 6:37 pm

I Do not Know wether these hand signs are really correct as I did not Analyse The Video Frame by Frame and I got this Info From other websites.

I hope you would Like it!
Very Happy

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